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Hello! this blog is dedicated to korean dramas gifs, actors and actresses.
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You were just granted your 18th wish. Out of 20, there are only 4 left. Those…let’s do them later. A lot later.

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I came back because you called me.

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sorry for my absence, guys
i’m back and I’ll post new gifs made by me :)

  mahlifedaily said:
Can you give me a list of korean dramas I should watch?


In my opinion this is a MUST watch list:


Secret Garden

Rooftop Prince

That winter, the wind blows

Coffee Prince

Secret love

Queen in hyun’s man

You’re beautiful

Missing You

  annalgesia said:
Could you suggest me a really good korean melodrama?

Sure! i highly recommend Secret Love :3 it was the last melodrama I’ve watched and it’s sooo good!

Oppa, look what you took away from me. Look what you have missed in your life. Look at him.

Abandoning that precious thing…what has happened to us… just look.

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