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Hello! this blog is dedicated to korean dramas gifs, actors and actresses.
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I’m back now, i guess

i was a little bit busy studying ç_ç but now i’ll be able to update as i used to

  Anonymous said:
My favorite is korean dramas list : Secret garden , the heirs , emergency man and woman , fated to love you , master sun , man from of stars , faith , personal taste , empress ki , a gentlemans dignity , ıt's ok thats love , nice guy .... What do you think ?

i guess it’s a great favorite list :3 i also love faith, personal taste, master sun, secret garden, nice guy, it’s okay that’s love (i’m still watching and loving it) :3

sorry, i’m late hahahah i’m not updating as i used to 

  dickethor said:
Hey I was just wondering what episode it was in That Winter, The Wind Blows that Oh Young almost goes in front of a train.

sorry, i’m late.. well, its from the 2nd episode :3

You were just granted your 18th wish. Out of 20, there are only 4 left. Those…let’s do them later. A lot later.

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I came back because you called me.

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  mahlifedaily said:
Can you give me a list of korean dramas I should watch?


In my opinion this is a MUST watch list:


Secret Garden

Rooftop Prince

That winter, the wind blows

Coffee Prince

Secret love

Queen in hyun’s man

You’re beautiful

Missing You